Among teenagers at boarding colleges an instance mode a love fling

Among teenagers at boarding colleges an instance mode a love fling

Circumstances. A short while ago the definition of Circumstances was utilized so you’re able to people and you will things; “what an incident he is,” i.age., what an interested person; “a rum Situation you to definitely,” or “you are a case ,” both just the expression “odd seafood,” common 50 % of-a-century back.

CASTOR, a cap. Castor used to be new ancient keyword to own a beneficial BEAVER ; and unusual to incorporate, BEAVER is new jargon for CASTOR , otherwise cap, 3 decades back, in advance of gossamer arrived to trends.

Mayhew thinks Cheese , contained in this sense, is actually on Saxon, CEOSAN , to decide, and you may prices Chaucer, which spends CHESE in the sense of preference

CATEVER, a beneficial queer, otherwise only 1 fling; something bad, or terrible. On Lingua Franca, and Italian, CATTIVO , crappy. Variously spelled by the lower requests.-Find KERTEVER .

CAT-IN-THE-Dish, a beneficial traitor, a switch-coat-derived from the some on Greek, ???????, altogether; otherwise out of cake inside the dish, a skillet cake, that is seem to turned into from side to side.

CAUCUS, a personal meeting stored for the true purpose of concerting measures, agreeing on candidates having office before an enthusiastic election, &c.-See Pickering’s Words.

CHAFF, so you’re able to gammon, laugh, quiz, or compliment ironically. Chaff -bones, the fresh new mouth-bones.-Yorkshire. Chaff , jesting. Into the Anglo saxon, CEAF are chaff; and CEAFL , expenses, beak, otherwise jaw. On “Ancien Riwle,” A good.D. 1221, ceafle can be used in the same manner from sluggish commentary.

CHALK-Away, or CHALK Off , to help you draw aside a line of carry out otherwise action; to make a guideline, buy. Terminology produced from the newest Workshop.

CHALK Upwards, to help you credit, make entry inside the membership guides out-of indebtedness; “I am unable to shell out you now, but you can CHALK It ,” i.elizabeth., charges myself to the blog post on your own go out-guide. On dated habit of chalking an individual’s rating getting take in trailing the brand new pub-doorways away from public homes.

CHALKS, “simply to walk one’s CHALKS ,” to maneuver from, or hightail it. An ordeal having drunkenness put on panel boat, observe perhaps the guessed people can also be walk-on an excellent chalked range in place of overstepping they to the each side.

Guy, an other, an excellent boy; “a low Guy ,” the lowest fellow-abbreviation out of Chap-Guy , good huckster. Employed by Byron in his Vital Commentary.

The widely used suggestion is that the inverse kind of auctioneering preserves all of them purchasing the web new public auction permit

CHAUNTER-CULLS, one human body of men just who used to haunt particular really recognized public-house, and establish satirical or libellous ballads on the any individual, or body out of people, to possess a consideration. 7s. 6d. is actually plain old commission, as well as in three era brand new ballad would be heard when you look at the St. Paul’s Churchyard, or other societal destination. There have been two dudes inside the London area currently date exactly who gain their staying in this way.

CHAUNTERS, people highway manufacturers out of ballads, past duplicates off passages, or other broadsheets, just who play or bawl the brand new contents of its papers. They often times term themselves Report Pros . A. N.-See Horse CHAUNTERS .

CHAUNT, to sing the fresh items in any report on streets. Cannot , since put on obscene code, was produced from CHAUNT .-Come across Introduction.

Cheap JACKS, or JOHNS , oratorical hucksters and you can patterers of tools, &c., from the fairs and you may races. They lay an article up at a high price, then cheapen it from the amount, indulging from inside the volleys away from coarse humor, until it becomes to all the physical appearance a great deal, and thus it is bought of the one of several group.

Cheek by jowl, hand and hand,-told you will from people in such intimate confabulation as nearly in order to provides its face contact.

Mozzarella cheese, things an excellent, first-speed within the high quality, legitimate, lovely, or advantageous, is known as The fresh Mozzarella cheese . This new London area Publication, 1818, claims it actually was out-of some more youthful fellows converting “c’est une autre Selected ” to your “that is a unique Mozzarella cheese .” Parmesan cheese is even Gipsey and you can Hindoo (find Addition); and you will Persian, CHIZ , anything.-Come across STILTON .

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