Board Management Software for Nonprofits

Board Management Software enables nonprofit stakeholders to function more efficiently and become more productive. This is especially relevant to the board of directors where more efficient meetings and improved governance are the most important benefits.

A robust board Boardtrac portal provides centralized, easy access to important information without the need for email (which is often insecure) or paper files which can be lost. Documents can be accessed via tablets, desktops and mobile devices. Video conferencing, easy scheduling and automated notifications help to make meetings more efficient. With a variety of features, minutes can be created and approved instantly. This means that both administrators and members of the board can cut time and costs.

Nonprofit stakeholders can expand their use of software for managing boards beyond the board, with committees and working groups also benefiting from increased efficiency. It’s possible with the help of a solution provider who will assist with group administration, setting up how-to guide and other materials for support.

Buying the right tool to satisfy your company’s needs requires careful consideration. It is essential to review the entire board’s cycle and identify the main issues. Examine all options and select a system that will grow to meet your needs, providing greater functionality as your requirements change. Avoid the “one size fits all” approach to software, which can result in a costly expense over time. Be wary of free software for managing boards, as it may not offer the security required to withstand phishing or hacking attacks.

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