Considerable independence characterises brideprice and other modalities control individuals Dagaaba congeries

Considerable independence characterises brideprice and other modalities control individuals Dagaaba congeries

The fee away from bridewealth uses up an important updates throughout the relationship process across the ethnicities from inside the north Ghana, in addition to Dagaaba, Frafra and you will Builsa countries. One of several Dagaaba, brand new bridewealth, kyeuri, mostly constitutes such as facts because libi-pe?le (cowrie shells, get a hold of Profile 1), fowls, cigarette and you can cola nuts. Oftentimes, the amount of cowrie shells need to be commensurate with what are covered brand new bride’s mother. In other occasions, securities regarding solidarity within parents otherwise agreements of the fiance and you may groom result in a decrease in the newest percentage, whenever the fresh bride’s agnatic kin determine that in earlier times the newest groom’s family unit members recharged a high brideprice for a wedding, they are probably also require an expensive fee. However, there are even standardised matrimony costs over the Dagaaba setup. At present, an average of 2000 cowries, otherwise dollars equivalent, are generally acknowledged due to the fact bridewealth into the Serekpere as well as environments. It count signifies an effective grave prevention of an amount of 20,000 and you will a lot more than cowries which was acknowledged in identical area about 90s. Into the perspective off neoliberal economic regulations, and you may diminishing farming efficiency levels inside delicate ecological zone, the communication that have gatekeepers revealed that the new cutback towards matter away from cowries is meant to create matrimony affordable. It loss of the latest bridewealth diverges throughout the most commercialised costs stated from inside the cities within the Ghana and in other places (Shope, Source Shope 2006; Posel & Rudwick, Resource Posel and you may Rudwick 2013). Importantly, new payment isn’t contingent abreast of this new points of your bride to be, which is, if the fiance is extremely knowledgeable, divorced, has already offered birth or otherwise not since the advertised in other places (Borgerhoff Mulder, Reference Borgerhoff Mulder 1989, Resource Borgerhoff Mulder 1995; Anderson, Source Anderson 2007). New vintage norms governing the practice of bridewealth are ready aside in the event that flexible aside from the fresh bride’s socio-monetary updates or perhaps the amount of rights transferred.

The previous together with begs on the part of the fresh new groom’s kinsmen in the event that the latest bride’s family are looking for to fees an excessive brideprice

Generally speaking, a wedding liaison was a guy on groom’s town just who has many connections throughout the bride’s payment. The new dendeo prospects this new groom’s friends on bride’s agnatic kin, earliest so you can formally ask for their particular hand in relationship in order to pay the brideprice. The fresh relations of your own dendeo to your bride’s friends imply that aforementioned try considerate towards the groom and his awesome kin. Since bridewealth could have been moved to and you will approved from the bride’s kin, the wedding partnership is made and you can legitimated.

New bridewealth one of several Dagaaba, as round the communities for the rural northern Ghana, are a complicated process of negotiations between your agnatic kin from the wedding couple and you can, typically, a third party, called a good dendeo, a wedding liaison

Normatively, the fresh new yirdandoo, your face of your family members, rather than the father of your own fiance, is the caretaker of the cowries introduced due to the fact matrimony repayments. At the a team discussion during the Nator, australialainen naiset close Serekpere, appearing the new character of your own direct of clan, Mwinyella, a report new member, explained, leading to help you their paternal buddy who is the head from his clan, that: ‘this people is actually my father thereby while i wed it will be their obligation in order to [afford the bridewealth] to have me’. Yet, to have group instead information appointed due to the fact bridewealth, the newest bridegroom and his agnatic kin are responsible for increasing they. Anderson ( Site Anderson 2007: 159) profile you to for the options round the Africa, the marriage percentage try normatively elevated by groom’s ‘dad, pops and you may dad’s brothers, along with mother’s brothers and make brief contributions’. It differs, to some degree, regarding the Dagaaba membership demonstrated right here. But really they resonates with bridewealth methods one of certain Frafra congeries, in which normatively this new groom’s dad and you may dad’s brothers are responsible for paying the bridewealth and you will where he could be unable to raise they the brand new bridegroom transforms to their father’s or mom’s brothers to have support.

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