Neighborhood money ‘s the Colombian peso (COP$)

Neighborhood money ‘s the Colombian peso (COP$)

  • San diego centro comercial , Calle 33 Zero 43 sixteen ( within crossroad away from Las Palmas, Avenida Oriental, Avenida North park and you may calle 33 ), ? +57 4 262 0105 . The initial shopping center built in Colombia more than three decades ago continues to be a pleasant destination to walk, eat and undoubtedly store. You will find good costs for first class gifts.
  • Retailer Mayorca try actually connected to a Area route and get enjoys an effective movieplex. Region Itagui.
  • Superior Shopping mall ( Centro comercial ), Carrera 43 A thirty – twenty five , ? +57 34 448 70 71 , . 10AM – 10PM . Premium Mall possess over 115,000 m?, which have step one,427 tissue totally free parking, more 350 storage to pick from activities, looking, high monetary properties five banks, movie theaters within the 35mm and 3d types, fitness center, recreation park, a few squares regarding items, the most significant casino around and you will artificial football process of law.
  • Monterrey ( Centro comercial ), Cra. 48 #10-45 . dos stops out of Poblado town route. Which shopping center is the perfect place to go for one thing desktop otherwise phone related. Of many small shop promoting all a style of digital equipment and precious jewelry. There is a good 5-display movie theater within this shopping mall and a beauty salon giving excellent massage treatments (shop #126).
  • Santa Fe centro comercial , Cra 43 A good # eight en ce qui concerne – 170 ( Av El Poblado & Loma los Balsos, 3 hundred mts south away from Oviedo ), ? +57 4 460 0737 , . 10AM – 9PM, dining and you will Jumbo up until 11PM . The new shopping mall exposed . 5 amounts of searching, entertainment, and you can dinner.

Places change

  • To own leather-based items for women head to Bon-Bonite which have 10 urban centers in the city. Possess of numerous bags for the leather-based and ethnic product, and additionally shoes and you may jewelry. For sale in very department stores.
  • Boots, there can be many labels because Calzatodo, Mercedes Campuzano, Mussi or if you require sneakers jewelry Pura+.
  • Underwear, for males and female, are plentiful and the assortment is great. Women: Leonisa, Tania [lifeless link] . Men: Unico, Punto Blanco, Bronzini, GEF, NrgyBlast. Babies: Child New, Beybies. Throughout biggest shopping centers.

Money modify

It is strongly recommended to use the specific changes into taxis, as vehicle operators barely feel the precise amount. You cash and you may euros is actually hardly utilized, with the exception of tourist founded stores.

Automatic teller machine restrictions: ATMs strictly restriction withdrawals into the overseas and you may residential cards. You may also only be capable of getting aside Policeman$step 1.8 billion on a daily basis, so want to go to the Automatic teller machine have a tendency to or hunt available for a more informal restriction. You will find 5 big internationally banks with regional practices, in the event that by accident you own a card of every ones banking companies your pricing usually are down (Citibank, HSBC, RBS, Santander and BBVA). The greatest Colombian financial is Bancolombia having ATMs every where.

Whenever withdrawing money from an automatic teller machine it is very advisable to avoid any located on avenue to possess cover motives. It is strongly suggested so you’re able to withdraw away from ATMs into the stores. Be sure not to ever take a cab straight just after withdrawing, this is simply not strange for people become followed aside and you can mugged after while making a withdrawal. Be looking to make sure you aren’t accompanied. If you plan in order to withdraw a significant amount of money, it is strongly suggested to inquire of the police so you can escort you (free-of-charge).

Eat change

Examples of these are: sancocho de- gallina (poultry soup), carne durante polvo (ground chicken), arepas de choclo (new corn tortillas), empanadas (meat-occupied deep-fried turnovers), aji (sizzling hot sauce), ajiaco (Bogota’s chicken and you can potato soups), bandeja paisa, natilla, bunuelos (fried mozzarella cheese puffs), hojuelas (fried puff squares), grain having coconut, Antioquian beans, sobrebarriga (flank steak) mantecada (bun created using lard), papas chorreadas, pandeyuca (yucca money) and you will carne desmechada (shredded beef).

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