Perhaps one of the most effective relationship within the a household are sisters

Perhaps one of the most effective relationship within the a household are sisters

PJ is demonstrated to involve some sounds skill, and then he enjoys a ring named PJ plus the Feeling which have Emmett. They are as well as good chef, capable of making nearly one bowl without really seeking, and you can dropped from college, therefore he may see culinary college. They are really proficient at getting back together someone else which is demonstrated to feel a little proficient at speaking their solution of situations. He or she is a little an excellent baby-sitter. Really, to have Charlie no less than.

Teddy Duncan [ ]

PJ and you will Teddy challenge, however they constantly work it away. It, but not, privately love each other while the sisters, while they are complete opposites. They like one another including genuine sisters but do not constantly inform you it. In most Slip when Teddy is actually troubled, PJ cheered their particular up. Teddy and you will PJ always get converts caring for Charlie.

Bob Duncan [ ]

Bob is PJ’s father and love each other definitely. Not surprisingly although not, PJ seems to be worried getting together with your. When Bob requested in the event the PJ is preparing to have a great time, PJ seems down when he must go angling with his father (“Charlie is step one”), and PJ refuses to visit a keen AVM concert together with dad (Material Subscribe.) not, PJ performed help his Bob signup his ring for one evening. Regardless of this, PJ does love Bob’s feelings and you will will not including damaging or disappointing their father. Whenever PJ occur to vacation trips the last record from Bob’s ring, PJ feels bad and helps to make the efforts discover Bob’s band together. PJ can mad during the Bob to possess his beginning certification, where his name is found given that ‘Potty John’ (“Can you Remain a key?”), or when Bob refers to your since the ‘the nice one’ (“Appy Weeks”). Something in common that Bob and you can PJ possess together was which they have been both in a ring. And therefore, PJ’s sounds talent most likely arises from his dad Bob. All in all, they generally has actually a virtually dating and you will PJ are delighted when Bob is actually proud of your. In the end of the collection, Bob assists PJ create a peanut butter and you may jelly sandwich sit and therefore PJ brands B& PJ’s PB& J honoring their dad and you will themselves (“B” stands for Bob).

Charlie Duncan [ ]

PJ loves Charlie but uses their unique cuteness to acquire girls to instance him inside the “Something’s Fishy” and you can spends their particular to find profit “Package and Kaboodle”. Their scams constantly work with the exception of the people where he lays to his moms and dads because the Charlie was bad under pressure. She usually let us things slip owing to MoЕѕete ih isprobati her throat. Charlie likes PJ. This lady has told you so. She apologized to help you PJ when he said that this woman is awful under pressure. PJ cannot mind babysitting Charlie but can become very reckless from the moments. The guy took the incorrect baby family in the park after flirting that have Emma for the “Kids Come back”. PJ and you will Charlie has actually a new relationships PJ wants Charlie most much and Charlie enjoys PJ a great deal, so that they are very close. PJ along with coached her tips say “We wuv PJ” in order to get girls during the shopping mall. This won’t avoid well to own him just like the his girl falls getting Charlie’s cuteness instead of himself.

Amy Duncan [ ]

Although he doesn’t show they, PJ wants Amy and you can cares on her profoundly. Such as Teddy and you will Gabe, the guy thinks the woman is thus uncool and you will lame, however, they have lied to guard their unique thoughts on the show. PJ is known, with Gabe, while making fun out-of their unique preparing. PJ is named a better cook next their unique. PJ along, along with his siblings remember that mother Wants the spotlight plus other people. Throughout the episode “Amazing Gracie”, he’s viewed moving a button to find Amy to pop music away from an enormous jack-in-the-box. It is very revealed one to PJ and you can Amy have the best relationship with each other than simply Amy really does with all their unique almost every other youngsters. In one episode, Amy says you to definitely PJ try their unique favourite.

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