The newest broadcast is clear, new designation is found on the list

The newest broadcast is clear, new designation is found on the list

Below average Attachment (6837 words) by amirealAdditional Labels: Harlequin Love Difficulty, Very first time, Alternative UniverseSummary: “So that your bedside style leaves a great deal to end up being desired.”

Pegasus Low-Spoken (6351 terms and conditions) by igrabAdditional Tags: Disabled Reputation, MutenessSummary: John constantly becomes a small thrill when he observes Rodney sign within your along the place, casually dissing people virtually condition close to him and you can John is the site the only person you never know.

Dearest (4223 terms and conditions) of the lavvyanAdditional Tags: Solution World – DarkSeries: Area 1 from DearestSummary: 04-877-57-7G try 16 as he try in the long run moved to his manager.

Precious (4077 terminology) of the lavvyanAdditional Tags: Alternate Universe – DarkSeries: Part dos away from DearestSummary: Sil shrugged and stolen towards the readout display screen. “This can be a marked regulators ship. It will be the Aurora.”

The perfect Selection (25460 words) because of the TarlanRating: ExplicitAdditional Labels: Solution Universe – Canon Divergence, Love, Stargate Atlantis Big bang ChallengeSummary: Rather than to this new SGC after the Anubis incident, Rodney stays in Siberia, and you may Elizabeth decides Kavanagh getting their own head away from Research to possess the fresh Atlantis Trip. That have customized and you can established the fresh Daedalus, Rodney persuades O’Neill to allow them go seek out this new missing Atlantis Trip.

Black Cities, Deep water, Crowds of people, and you will Ducks. (4143 terms) of the california_piersonAdditional Labels: Community: sga_santaSummary: “You will be the latest assistant?” Rodney questioned, incredulously. His assistants fluctuated every month, no-one extremely existed a lot of time which have your, and it was many years given that he previously acquired anybody a-lookin. Mainly they were morons finishing the thesis. Nothing like he would begin something having a co-staff member. Absolutely not. Well . possibly, based on how told you co-staff member noticed the difficulty.[is also discover Here]

Out from the Sky Force nowadays working as a photographer, he could be provided a job toward Atlantis for a publicity procedure.

Mau Loa Setting committed I’ve of the gaiaanarchySummary: Au in which John never extends to Antarctica. He and you may Rodney see in any event.

here is the magic that everybody understands (811 words) by sabinelagrandeRelationships: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan/Aiden Ford, Elizabeth Weir/Radek ZelenkaAdditional Labels: Stuck, Option UniverseSummary: John finishes using his consistent to your a couple of thousand and you will 2nd date when they arrive.

Brand new Lineage (13989 words) from the Bane_HuntressAdditional Tags: Hurt/Spirits, Angst, Stranded, Depending Relationship, CompleteSum get caught underground toward a great alien industry with no means out of refrain, with little food they need to wait for the Daedalus, simply it is late, extremely later, and you can minutes running out getting McKay.

Unspoken (805 conditions) from the ami_venAdditional Labels: Community: writerverse, Established RelationshipSummary: Rodney manages to lose their sound, but it is John whom cannot handle it.

Time to come family (19881 words) by the gottalovevRating: ExplicitAdditional Tags: Approach Universe – Cannon Divergence, Civilian John Sheppard, First Kiss, Very first time, Dom/sub UndertonesSummary: Previously, John Sheppard turned a coin and failed to check out Atlantis

Wedding parties, Plural, and you will a Yak (17676 conditions) by SperanzaRating: ExplicitAdditional Tags: Tot Fic, Matrimony, Anxiety and you can Jokes, Love, Use, First time, Cut, PiningSummary: Of the eighth date John Sheppard partnered Rodney McKay, these people were old pros during the matrimony point, which have weathered not just an Ouishan blood relationship, in addition to a good twelve-hours Avalonian handfasting, a good Malanese necklace exchange, and good Thurtu signing up for ceremony you to definitely invoked a flame god and you will checked 7 types of pie.

Simply speaking, this might be a narrative throughout the next chance and exactly how John discovers his family, their party, and like in the long run

Logopetria (1715 words) because of the lavvyanAdditional Tags: Pre-Clipped, Angst, Fairy TalesSummary: John noticed during the horrified attraction just like the Rodney actually choked on the his terms and conditions, strangely-shaped things spilling away from their mouth during the complete silence apart from his coughing and you may ragged inhale.

Eloquence (3086 conditions) by Liking_is_SweetAdditional Tags: Angst, Pre-Reduce, Basic Hug, Partner PieceSummary: John had delivered him a message, in his very own words. Rodney wondered as to why.[Follow up so you’re able to Logopetria – kinds out of – I might needless to say suggest training Logopetria very first following this option]

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