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Lesbian Wallflower

is actually a phrase I prefer to explain a lesbian loner. Generally, a femme/lipstick lesbian who is a little marginalized inside the LGBT neighborhood (in other words. no body knows the woman is a lesbian as a result of her femininity). She probably does not have many homosexual pals and also already been solitary for a long period. Really does any of this ring a bell? Thanks for visiting the club.

So just how does this happen? You can find 2 main main reasons you may be a lesbian wallflower:


For those who have long hair, wear lip stick, or like outfits… maybe you are a lesbian wallflower. One of several factors we fall prey to the label is due to the inculcation of lesbian stereotypes and just how we are ‘supposed to appear’. There can be big part of today’s community that basics sexuality on look. You shouldn’t be ashamed, we-all get it done (you’re sleeping if you say you never). Appearance normally one of the primary techniques lesbians make an effort to select the gay girl from a large group. Based on all of our stereotypes, a feminine lesbian is more apt to be mistaken for a heterosexual girl because she doesn’t wear snapbacks and panel shorts all the time.

Socializing (or not enough).

Pretty much every lady reading this can empathize with how challenging it may be in order to meet other lesbian females. Our choices are rather limited by homosexual nightclubs (if you’re lucky enough to have a gay scene in your neighborhood) and online dating (

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, naturally). Unless you partake in any of the above activities, it’s likely you’ll stay unfamiliar to your lesbian area permanently *cue the planet’s smallest violin*.

The benefits.

One of the best rewards to be a lesbian wallflower is having the ability to select when in order to whom you emerge. It is just like becoming an undercover key agent (D.E.B.S., anyone?)! There’ve been countless instances when there is me in a group of individuals who find a controversial homosexual rights debate or two. I gladly hear all of the views before I choose to decrease the I’m-a-lesbian bomb and relish within the variety of responses.

The not-so-perks.

As a lesbian wallflower, if you

carry out

are able to generate homosexual pals you may still feel excluded from lez neighborhood. I’m constantly rebuked for any satisfaction I just take in ‘girly’ movies like

He’s Simply Not That Into You


Cruel Purposes

. Ever get the argument, ”


lesbians don’t like those sorts of flicks”? Well we state, by no means or form should any individual actually ever want to verify his/her sexual positioning for someone more.

In the event that you discovered your self nodding in contract, or shouting “yaaas” in your head whilst reading this article, realize you happen to be not alone. There are lots of approaches to over come your lifetime as a lesbian wallflower. And I’ll return to tell you a lot more a few weeks. You shouldn’t be nervous to get your self nowadays socially, via

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or tumblr, you might fulfill additional homosexual gals as you!

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