VDR and Data Security

Data security is the safeguarding of digital data, like those stored in databases, from harmful forces, and unintentional actions by users who are not authorized. Examples include a cyberattack, or a data breach. It also entails blocking access to data by maintaining strong techniques and practices for data security.

VDRs offer the most secure method of sharing documents and working on projects. They offer granular control over access to limit the ability of users to download copies, print and download documents. Access to documents can be revoked if a certain period of time has passed. In addition, the majority of VDRs have features to scan for malware and to encrypt document contents. This makes it difficult for non-authorized users to read data stolen, even if they have access to the VDR’s file system.

Many VDRs offer e-Signature natively within the platform, allowing parties to negotiate and sign documents without the need to use email or a third-party eSign provider that poses additional security risk. Contracts like NDAs or supplier contracts, as well as merger agreements typically require signatures. A straightforward VDR that has the right eSignature features can speed up the process and eliminate additional steps that could create security risks.

The most well-known uses of VDRs VDR are due diligence and M&A transactions They can be used to aid in nearly any project that requires sharing sensitive data. Choose an VDR that is simple to use, user-friendly, and comes with all the features you require for your business to make deals happen quickly. CapLinked is a leading VDR in the industry which offers high-end security and document collaboration capabilities with a price that is competitive. Schedule a demo to see CapLinked in action.


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